Daily Fresh Squeeze Sheet Mask (Set of 2)


Feeling deprived and need an extract boost? Our Daily Fresh Squeeze Sheet Mask (Set of 2) has pure coconut water and the perfect blend of fresh fruit extracts gives skin an intense dose of anti-oxidants and hydration. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated, bright and revitalized!

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    What makes it good?

    Cellulose fabric sheet with eco friendly biodegradable material keeps skin moisturized without the fear of evaporation. It traps the serum close to the product for more product for your skin!

    Key Ingredients

    • Coconut Water - 90,000 ppm of Coconut water balances skins’ moisture and high levels of potassium promotes skin growth
    • Green Grape Extract - Vitamins and antioxidants improve the appearance and elasticity of skin.
    • Lychee Extract - Antioxidants speed up skin’s healing process. 
    • Mango Extract - High in antioxidant properties, it hydrates, improve pigmentation, and protects your skin free from damaging radicals.

    How to use?

    1. On a cleansed face, unfold the facial mask and place on face for 30 minutes.
    2. Afterwards, remove the mask and gently pat remaining essence into the face and neck.

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