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Botanic Relief Body Lotion


Avette’s Botanic Relief Body Lotion is lightweight yet incredibly hydrating, this lotion is sure to elevate your moisturizing routine. Your skin will feel smoother, hydrated, and velvety soft-never greasy.

  • White Musk - 
    • Top notes of Aldehyde and Lemon
    • Middle notes of Rose, Jasmine, and Muguet
    • Base notes of Musk, Sandalwood, Tonka bean
  • Lime & Basil - 
    • Top notes of Lime, Mandarin, and Orange
    • Middle notes of Basil, Lilac, and Sage
    • Base notes of Woody and Patchouli 
  • Pear & Freesia -
    • Top notes of Bergamot, Pear, and Peony
    • Middle notes of Freesia, Rose, and Violet
    • Base notes of Musk, Patchouli, and Amber

      Size: 400ml

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      Lime & Basil

      What makes it good?

      Formulated with 5 green complexes (Green Tea, Tea Tree, Olive, Aloe Vera, and Cypress) and Fresh Rose Extract this body wash cleanses, nourishes, and protects your unique skin barrier.

      • Key Ingredients
        • Green Tea - refreshes, brightens and purifies the skin.
        • Tea Tree - powerful anti-inflammatory agent, Tea Tree Extract protects skin from harmful environmental factors and soothes fatigued skin
        • Olive - hydrates the skin for a radiant, glowing complexion
        • Aloe Vera - skin-healing, inflammation-reducing, and moisturizing properties help soothe skin
        • Cypress -  antibacterial properties and soothes inflamed skin
        • Fresh Rose Extract - revives the complexion, bringing life back to dull skin. 

      How to use?

      1. Apply to body at least twice daily or as needed to restore and soothe dry skin.

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